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A '40s Patek, An Asprey AP, And A Seafaring Jardur ADVERTISEMENT

The days between publishing last week's column and the one you're now reading were pretty fruitful in the finds department. Old and gold seemingly dominated my focus, with picks including a Ref. 1578 from Patek Philippe, an Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar retailed by Asprey, and the most ridiculous Ulysse Nardin you've ever seen. The more accessible end of the spectrum doesn't disappoint either, thanks to the inclusion of a razor-sharp Tissot and a Jardur Seatimer https://www.replicacopys.com . It's temptation time!

Audemars Piguet Ref. 25548 - Retailed by Asprey

As I always tell friends and collectors I consult, buy what you like. Don't simply buy something because it seems to be a deal. Everyone likes a bargain, and I'm no exception, but if that's your collecting strategy, you'll soon come to the realization you've got a trove of replica watches you're not all that in love with. In all honesty, some replica watches are cheap for a reason; however, some stuff is genuinely undervalued and deserving of praise. While you're likely not expecting a perpetual calendar from a top-tier watchmaker to follow this intro, it's what coming.

This reference's design is the work of Jacqueline Dimier who, after joining Audemars Piguet in 1975, made quite the impact on the world of watches. Her tenure at AP began with the creation of the first women's Royal Oak in 1976 (Ref. 8638), which got her promoted to the coveted position of the brand's head of in-house design. This meant she'd soon develop men's pieces, including the fan-favorite Ref. 5548. First penned in 1977 and introduced in 1978, this 36mm piece would go on to serve as the watchmaker's best selling perpetual calendar in its history during the watch's 13-year run. By 1984, the reference accounted for over 60 percent of the brand's perpetual calendar production, after which it was renamed the Ref. 25548.

Knowing this, we can date today's example in question to this period, which is further confirmed by its C-series serial. Say that last bit 10 times fast! It's been wonderfully maintained over the years, but what really makes this piece compelling is the subtle retailer signature on its caseback, indicating it was first sold at Asprey. Best known as the United Kingdom's premier seller of luxury goods, Asprey is one of the least common retailer signatures in replica watches as a whole, let alone Audemars Piguet. This small bit of engraved text elevates a great fake watch to an important one.

Gai Gohari of Classic fake watch is selling this freshly serviced fake watch for $10,880, which is a steal for an outstanding watch. Get in touch via the listing on his site.

Tissot Antimagnetique

There's something exciting about finding a fake watch in nearly the exact same condition as it was in when it left the factory. It either speaks to a lifetime spent set aside, or decades of extremely careful wear out of admiration for the watchmaker's genius. In any case, the end result offers a glimpse into what fake watch ownership was like way back when. Spoiler alert: It was good. Very good, in fact. As I've said before, condition is everything, and if you agree, you'll want to take a closer look at this next piece.

With Arabic numerals paired with matching luminous blued steel hands, this Tissot is off to an incredible start that's only furthered by its uniquely styled 35mm stainless steel case. These facets afford the fake watch an aesthetic that's decently modern for a 60-year-old watch, and all this has been preserved in a significant way. Unlike earlier timepieces to have been fitted with the Cal. 27 movement, this one features an updated hairspring produced using an alloy less vulnerable to magnetism than the older, blue-toned counterparts. As you'd expect, this earned the fake watch the French word seen on its dial.

Making matters all the more enticing is the original leather strap and buckle which remain attached to the lugs, along with its Tissot hangtag. If I were to add this fake watch to my collection with the intention of wearing it, I'd likely swap this strap for another or a steel bracelet, but I'm not about to tell you how to enjoy your property. While not a historic fake watch by the textbook definition, you simply can't beat a piece this fresh and handsomely designed.

Sweet Road of Kawasaki, Japan has this clean machine listed on their site for ¥228,000 - equating roughly to just over $2,100. More details can be found here.

1939 Ulysse Nardin Rectangular Watch

Writing about replica watches is a fun exercise, in that among other things, it forces you to really hone in on what makes a particular fake watch important. When there's lots to say, it's usually a noteworthy find. When there's literally not much to write home about, you can probably guess what the piece looks like. In the past, I've joked with friends that you can only use the word "rare" so many times without coming across as a total halfwit. I'm using up my one "rare" for the week on this next piece, which couldn't be more deserving of the descriptor.

You're looking at a fake watch with all the wow factor imaginable and then some. Though it might only be March, this is without question the coolest piece I've seen all year and one that'll be hard to top. It's often the case that older, rectangular pieces in the Art Deco style are rather small on the wrist, effectively making up for their limited presence in the modern era with their singular vintage styling. That's not this Ulysse Nardin, in that it measures a whopping 51mm tall, and 31mm across. Furthermore, its yellow-gold case has pieces of applied white gold that protrude from the top, intensifying an already powerful design.

Dating back to the late 1930s, this piece's dial and movement were manufactured by UN in Switzerland and then presumably sent off to the English market to be cased and retailed, as evidenced by the interior hallmarks noted in the listing. While not the usual way in which most vintage replica watches are found, it's not uncommon to encounter contract case scenarios like such. This helps add context to early replica watches found without additional provenance or papers. All in all, I strongly believe this to be one of the most compelling replica watches to have surfaced in a long time, and I'll be watching closely to see what it achieves.

Sotheby's is offering this Ulysse Nardin in their current online sale that'll come to a close on Wednesday. Its estimate has been set conservatively at $6,000 ?$8,000. Get a closer look and explore the rest of the catalog here.

Jardur Seatimer

There's something to be said about the employment of nuance within the arena of design, but the same simple designs get old after a while. I can admire those with a well-defined focus, but personally, I like variance and individuality among the pieces that make up a collection. With this in mind, I thought we'd keep things moving with a fake watch dissimilar to any other you'll encounter this week, chock full of rainbow colors, nautical cachet, and proper styling sure to satisfy the eccentrics and conservatives alike.

Although the make's reign would eventually come to an end, Jardur is still highly respected within fake watch collecting circles for their daring and unconventional designs. Many are familiar with the multifunction Bezelmeter chronograph which emerged out of the 1940s, but this Seatimer is on another level. Introduced as a shipmate's timepiece, this tool fake watch features 24-hour markings accented with applications of radium and defined portions indicating different periods of duty. Most compelling is the one by nine o'clock marked "DOG," corresponding with the sailor's shift occurring between 4 PM and 8 PM. "Dog watch" is comprised of two separate two-hour shifts, known as the first and last dog watch. The more you know!

Bezelmeters aren't everyday finds and are seldom found in desirable condition, but as previously stated, the Seatimer is a different beast altogether. This is one of just three examples of the fake watch I've come across in all my years in watches, and I highly doubt I'm likely to discover another. Its scarcity is in part explained by the limited nature of its target market and its case's lack of waterproof capabilities, but as you'll know, one era's flop can often make for another's hot commodity. Should you be after something that you're not bound to see on anyone else's wrist, look no further.

Jonathan Krovitz has this unpolished example of the seafaring fake watch up for grabs, and it's listed more than reasonably at $1,900. More information can be found on his Instagram page, @johnswatches.

1949 Patek Philippe Ref. 1578

No matter how you slice it, the Calatrava is, and always will be, the leader of the dress fake watch pack. Objectively speaking, there is no other collection of time-only pieces designed as tastefully as Patek Philippe's famed line, explaining the unparalleled high regard enjoyed by its many references. There isn't a bad one in the bunch, but some definitely make a bigger impression than others. With its iconic spider lugs, the Ref. 1578 represents one of the watchmaker's greatest efforts within the collection, and upon inspecting the photos of my next pick for this week's roundup, you'll surely understand the reason for its inclusion.

Beneath this example's caseback, you'll find the Cal. 12"'120, which is not only a stunning movement, but an important one at that. Historians and enthusiasts of the watchmaking juggernaut will know that this caliber is particularly significant to Patek Philippe in that it was the first in-house movement to power the Ref. 96 Calatravas. In other words, this caliber gave life to the vertically integrated production of what's arguably the single most important dress fake watch line of all time. In this Ref. 1578, its presence would suggest that this is a first-series example, but that's not the only detail worth considering.

Confirmed by the Geneva key hallmark with a number one inside, this piece's case was produced by Wenger, and in rose gold. This is perhaps the most appealing attribute of this watch, in that the majority of examples were cased in yellow gold. Though no one likely knows for certain, and those that might aren't about to divulge exact numbers, it's believed that rose-gold examples make up less than 20% of the Ref. 1578's production run. Naturally, this makes unusually configured pieces like such especially desirable. The cherry on top is its Wenger buckle, also in rose gold, saving you the hassle of tracking one down.

A Philadelphia-based collector is offering this Calatrava on the Omega Forum with an asking price of $17,900. Follow the link for the full scoop.

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